Coastal Spy

What is a Coastal Spy

We love to have fun at Runaway Coast (even when we're working) and we thought you might be the same.

On trawling round the country at fairs, festivals and pop up shows last year, we realised just how many people welcomed us to their seaside towns and villages with handy tips, secret addresses and places we musn't leave without stopping by first. What a treat it was. Even the lovely ladies from the W.I. (Women's Institute) managed to get us a table in a very busy restaurant on fireworks night at Cowes Sailing Regatta, because they spotted us being turned away. Having been on our stand earlier buying up coastal fabrics for quilting, a friendly wave  to the Manager and we were in and very grateful. 

So when many would say we were chatting and not working, a new tentacle to Runaway Coast was forming in our midst.

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Wonder how you could get involved? you live by the sea or regularly have a favourite place by the sea you visit friends or relatives at? Well if so, you might just have some top tips which you'd like to share. We only want lovely places, places you'd recommend to your best friend if she was going to your favourite seaside town and you weren't able to be there. Places they musn't miss. Yummy places to eat, coffee and cakes with the best views, gorgeous places to stay whether they are quirky or luxurious, shops to snoop in, adventures to tire kids out, walks to remember...anything as long as its special and its British.

A lot of work for nothing? No, sharing is return for fabulous posts, we will make you an official coastal spy and with it we'll give you:

Bullet Membership to our exclusive coastal spy team
Bullet 15% off any item in the Runaway Coast online boutique for the first month
Bullet First access to catch of the week deals by email before anyone else
Bullet Free postage and packing on all catch of the day purchases
Bullet A mystery prize gift voucher for each subsequent month that you that you update or post new reviews
Bullet First to hear about sales and events
Bullet You can even request a Runaway Coast pop-up event in your area and earn commission on sales

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