Banish The Runaway Costs In Redcorating With Some Key Ingredients From Our Creative Director

runaway-coast-claudiaBanish The Runaway Costs In Redecorating With Some Key Ingredients From Our Creative Director

If you live or have a rental property by the sea, chances are as the winter months are upon us, you might be using this calmer period for a little bit of redecoration in your coastal oasis ready for another season of rentals. Or perhaps, like many of us, you just dream of living by the sea but your view is of the road or town you live in and you want to create a little haven to bring colour into your home and beat the winter blues.

Either way, rather than enduring the costs often associated with redecorating here are some key ingredients for success…


The secret is in every item you add to your home, be kind to yourself and be kind to the environment wherever you live. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, create a neutral base and just add to it when you really love something, keep it simple, and you won’t fail in making a relaxing haven of your own, whatever the view when the curtains are open.



(1)  Simplicity because coastal properties are often smaller in scale or new builds modern and minimalist in style, so a clean uncluttered approach to decorating allows your mind to instantly take on a new holiday relaxation mode. Less is more with the amount of furniture, only fill the space with your favourite things.

Cheap Tricks:

• Decorate a passage wall with collages of photos from holidays gone by. Use Black & White Box Frames from Ikea starting at £6 each

• Rip up an old carpet and sand down or paint the floorboards in white, or pale grey (smart but doesn’t show the dirt)

• Visit the local boot sale and search out for old fishing lamps, put a tea light inside and create instant soft evening light

• Put a pretty throw, like our white linen pom pom throw over existing bedlinen, and decorate the bed with a couple of coordinating cushions

• Go for Roman Blinds rather than curtains, they use less fabric. Our bespoke service makes roman blinds from just £75 and we deliver anywhere in the country. Call our customer service manager, Katie Scotland on 01728 746 790, for a quote.


(2)  Freshness because it brings all the virtues of sea walks, wild flowers on the beach, washing drying in the sun into your home. Use clean colours and simple designs to reflect this like sky blue, stone, whitewashed walls, simple striped designs which work in any room if you fancy a change around next year. If you don’t like stripes, use other simple motifs like butterflies, book stamps or stars.

Cheap Tricks:

• Dull room, just paint in a plain Dulux white. Easy to clean, easy to touch up if there’s a mark and instantly brightens the room

• Add simple striped bedlinen in soft colours like our Lighthouse stripe sky collection, or for bunk beds have a bit of fun and mix and match – pick two brighter colours of same design and use our denim stripe on the bottom bunk duvet with a fuchsia pillowcase and fuchsia stripe on the top bunk with a denim pillowcase

• Look at the lighting – Our drum shaped lampshades not only feel more contemporary but throw more light round the room

• Old sofa looking a bit tatty – give it a new lease of life by throwing a large fabric cotton tablecloth over it and a couple of plain colour linen cushions or cosy it up by investing in a lovely blanket and hanging it over the back and snuggle into it whilst watching tv

• If you’re handy with a sewing machine, Turn old fashioned curtains into new blinds and add a fun border on them. The nostalgia of the fabric combined with a fresh new look will give them a whole new lease of life


(3)  Reusing what’s available. Coastal decoration for me is not about indulgent spending, it’s about thrifty purchases we find, we create or we buy. In following these principles, we immediately divert away from what life has become so full of in our daily lives – 127 channels at the flick of a switch, fast food, and everything on instant demand and enter the holiday mode where we can be who we want to be.

Cheap Tricks:

• Instead of busting the bank on a masterpiece, spend a day crabbing with kids and capture the catch in a photo and blow it up at your local snappy snaps or equivalent and frame it

• Search out for favourite shells on a beach walk and fill a glass jar with a chunky candle for a centerpiece

• Find an old Hungarian grain sack and reupholster an old chair (See picture above of my dining room chairs)

• Make a piece of driftwood left dried up on the beach into a feature on a wall.


• Keeping decoration simple

• Wall colours and carpets neutral

• Simple motifs such as stars and stripes on curtains, blinds or bedlinen which evoke New England because our brains have been trained that way even if we have never been there

• Thinking of every area as a space to relax in

• Adding your own personal creative touch from your favourite pictures to a funny postcard you were sent

• Treat yourself to a scented candle, salt scrub and white fluffy towel for a relaxing bath after a long day.

Enjoy and wherever we can help, we’d be delighted to.
Call us on 01728 746 790 or email us


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